Alex Benedict

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day moon

      footprints vanish

           with the tide

Alex Benedict, 2013

distant thunder

   but the river moves

           no faster

Alex Benedict, 1996

Influences and Inspiration


As a printmaker, I am fascinated with the organic interplay of color, line, and form. In computer rendering and other software, I've found the tools to explore these interactions freely and create images of surprising complexity.


I often start with simple geometric elements such as lines and points. Working with scale, color and projection in a variety of formal and informal ways, I compose an image in a virtual three- or four- dimensional space. A physical print from the digital source is the endpoint of the process.


Other kinds of printmaking I've done–etching, lithography, monoprint and woodcut–have been formative. Typically, I print digital work on paper or canvas. In the future...who knows?


I've lived on the west coast of North America most of my life. Here, the movement of water is a key to understanding the story of the land and its natural cycles. Ocean currents and surf are a powerful presence. And deserts–hot and dry much of the year–everywhere show the marks of flowing water. These sources of dynamic visual experience are continuing touchstones in my work.




The word 'parallax' refers to the method used to measure an object by viewing it from different points of view and determining differences in the observations.


Historically, this is how the size of the sun and its distance from the Earth was estimated.


The necessary reliance on context or point of view informs my creative work as a visual artist, poet, and software architect.

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