Alex Benedict

fine art prints • photography




The images in the "Fences" series are centered on the concept of privacy and its impact on our conception of ourselves. Whether perceived as a barrier or a decoration, a fence is a powerful medium of communication. The spaces enclosed and excluded and the form of the fence itself all tell their own tales.


Like a mask, a fence holds both private and public meaning. We may first see a setting of boundaries and a claim to ownership–of either actual or virtual space. That ownership is rarely exclusive but instead calibrates public, semi-private, and private elements. To a factory owner, the fence defines a valued, but perhaps secret, unattractive and dangerous space. Yet to a muralist or graffiti artist the fence presents an ideal canvas for personal visions or attitudes to be made fully public.


And what of other constructs –language, encryption, passwords, clothing–that function in a similar way?

In this series, I use the formal language and constraints of mathematics and digital rendering to explore such boundaries: their form and their permeability.

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